Ever heard of Bluehost? Well, it’s not your ordinary web hosting site. It’s actually more than you can ever imagine. Why? Let’s count the ways.

Bluehost is home to many features that are clearly momentous for every web hosting system. The possibility of seeing your advertisements, products and services on the internet are ever increasing. Just by typing in keywords of products and services, web searchers can now be directed to your web site. Such is the power of web hosting to help you create your site and link it to the internet. Web hosting deals with creating a domain first and finding a facility to host it somewhere. The latter is all about tapping a hosting facility like Bluehost.

Web File Manager is a feature that keeps you from spilling your personal secrets or data out over the internet when using a browser. In here, you can secure any folder or files anytime you want to and anywhere you need to. Secure Shell (SSH) Access is another feature that can catch your attention. It is a network protocol allowing the web master to exchange two networked avenues through the use of a secure channel. It is often integrated to give confidentiality and integrity of data over the internet.

Another feature to look at with Bluehost is Server Side Includes, which pertains to a simplified server-side scripting language. Hotlink Protection is another item. It allows protection for the images and pictures you upload on the internet. Override .htaccess Support provides ways in which you can make per-directory based configuration transformations. Log Files is another thing that you can check with the web hosting facility, one which allows you to see everything that goes in and out of your server. Site Statistics, on the other hand, gives you the capacity to check on the number statistics of site visitors you get everyday or on a round-up basis.

You can also have Customizable Error Pages which consist of error pages due to broken links and mistyped domain names. Custom Cronjobs are another breakthrough that the product has to offer. It schedules tasks and can even run unattended, working at a specific frequency. If you’re looking for another feature then Spam Assassin Protection may suit you. It is a webmail protection solution which automatically filters unsolicited e-mails.

Users of a Bluehost account have been satisfied with all of the features offered. People say that the service is great and the price is just right. So what will you say next? The product has amazed people, creating wonders for their web hosting needs. Try their free online demo and try out the tools and features, they may amaze you. After all, there’s no harm in trying.

Another fact is that once you’ve tried it, you’ll get hooked on the system. You’ll never walk away in disappointment. It is because Bluehost treasures you as more just a customer, but as part of their family. Still counting the ways that the product can help you? There are many more to discover.

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