Ever heard of Bluehost? Well, it’s not your ordinary web hosting site. It’s actually more than you can ever imagine. Why? Let’s count the ways.

Bluehost is home to many features that are clearly momentous for every web hosting system. The possibility of seeing your advertisements, products and services on the internet are ever increasing. Just by typing in keywords of products and services, web searchers can now be directed to your web site. Such is the power of web hosting to help you create your site and link it to the internet. Web hosting deals with creating a domain first and finding a facility to host it somewhere. The latter is all about tapping a hosting facility like Bluehost.

Web File Manager is a feature that keeps you from spilling your personal secrets or data out over the internet when using a browser. In here, you can secure any folder or files anytime you want to and anywhere you need to. Secure Shell (SSH) Access is another feature that can catch your attention. It is a network protocol allowing the web master to exchange two networked avenues through the use of a secure channel. It is often integrated to give confidentiality and integrity of data over the internet.

Another feature to look at with Bluehost is Server Side Includes, which pertains to a simplified server-side scripting language. Hotlink Protection is another item. It allows protection for the images and pictures you upload on the internet. Override .htaccess Support provides ways in which you can make per-directory based configuration transformations. Log Files is another thing that you can check with the web hosting facility, one which allows you to see everything that goes in and out of your server. Site Statistics, on the other hand, gives you the capacity to check on the number statistics of site visitors you get everyday or on a round-up basis.

You can also have Customizable Error Pages which consist of error pages due to broken links and mistyped domain names. Custom Cronjobs are another breakthrough that the product has to offer. It schedules tasks and can even run unattended, working at a specific frequency. If you’re looking for another feature then Spam Assassin Protection may suit you. It is a webmail protection solution which automatically filters unsolicited e-mails.

Users of a Bluehost account have been satisfied with all of the features offered. People say that the service is great and the price is just right. So what will you say next? The product has amazed people, creating wonders for their web hosting needs. Try their free online demo and try out the tools and features, they may amaze you. After all, there’s no harm in trying.

Another fact is that once you’ve tried it, you’ll get hooked on the system. You’ll never walk away in disappointment. It is because Bluehost treasures you as more just a customer, but as part of their family. Still counting the ways that the product can help you? There are many more to discover.

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Bluehost Features

2 July 2011

Bluehost may be just what you need? Why? It is because it is a web hosting system which caters to the needs of small scale business right through to up-scale ventures or corporations. It is a system which is complete in itself as a web hosting solution to your many questions and great alternative to the limitations of other competitors. With them, you can reap the benefits of the following features.

  • Unlimited Disk Storage: This pertains to the fact that the capacity to store data electronically or digitally is without limitations.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting: This means that there are no limits on the domain names that one can host or use.
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder: This allows you to make use of a drag and drop interface with no further hassles.
  • One-Year Free Domain Name: The easiest way to start your website quickly by giving it a name and activating it for a year without any extra costs on your part.
  • Support for International Domain Names: Otherwise known as an internationalized domain name that consists of a minimum of a single label displayed in software applications in a specific language or script or alphabet such as Chinese and others.
  • POP3 E-mail Support: Known as Post Office Protocol, version 3 makes e-mail messages ready for download from a server in order for that server to host e-mail accounts and provide e-mail accessibility.
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP E-mail Support: Bluehost’s unlimited Internet Message Access Protocol for transferring e-mails from a server type usually for retrieval of messages.
  • 3 Different Web Based E-mail Solutions: Intended to be accessed by a web browser which has the advantage of using the internet through any web browser.
  • Unlimited Forwarding of E-mail Accounts: Gives a Bluehost subscriber the ability to redirect mail to go to one address and then later send it to one or several other addresses.
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer: Transferring your site to another without experiencing any downtime.
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains: Gives you the power to run several websites through a single account.
  • Unlimited Parked Domains: Referring to a domain which is not used to provide any services such as e-mail or a website.
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains: Part of a relatively larger domain often called third-level domain is essential in creating a domain that your readers can remember you by.
  • cPanel Account Control Panel: A control panel powered by Unix, providing you with graphics tools to simplify the act of website hosting.
  • FTP Access: Known as File Transfer Protocol, it is essential for exchanging or manipulating the files over the internet through Bluehost.

Surely these desirable features would lead you towards making the decision to join Bluehost for your server needs. With over 20,000 new users each day, the name simply speaks for itself.

Bluehost is not just any name. It has become a brand name for a reliable web hosting facility. Join Bluehost and you’ll surely jump start your career on the internet and around the world.

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Bluehost is a shared hosting company that has been around since 1996. Since then, they have grown to hosting over 1 million domain names and they add approximately 20,000 new customers daily. Professionalism as well as customer relations are keys to Bluehost’s success and they continually strive to provide a level of customer support that is unsurpassed by many other web hosting services.

What is a web host though, and why would you need web hosting in the first place? Well, everyone who wants to have a website must use web hosting services to allow their site access to the internet. Web hosting comes from businesses, i.e. web hosts, which offer the use of their servers to store, upload and maintain a website. These hosting businesses provides for a wide array of accessibility features that are explained easily in the package terms located on a web host’s site. This is true of Bluehost as well.

Bluehost prides itself in offering ways to make their services stronger and more competitive than many other hosting services available. There are a plethora of features that come with their hosting plan. In fact, they only have one base plan that is packed full of features because they want you to have the absolute best web hosting experience possible. You won’t have to spend much money, $6.95 in fact, to allow your website to have all of the tools it needs to get onto the internet. Their many options allow for nearly endless opportunities.

Some of the features that are offered with Bluehost include unlimited disk storage, free drag and drop site builder, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited GB of web site transfer, secure e-mail support with IMAP and POP3, FTP access and many more. In addition, just a few of the CGI/database applications that they support include MySQL databases, CGI-BIN, PostgreSQL databases, support for custom PHP.INI files, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Shockwave support. One of their more customizable features is that they provide SimpleScripts 1-click script installs at no extra cost through such scripts as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, Magento, Concrete5 and a plethora more.

Unlike many other web hosting companies, they allow you to easily test drive their cPanel control panel at absolutely no charge and the most surprising thing about it is that you can utilize this demo panel without signing in or uploading anything whatsoever.

In addition, Bluehost’s e-commerce features will allow your business web site to be profitable in no time. Just a few of the possibilities with this web hosting service include an SSL secure server, at least 4 different shopping carts, password protected directories and OpenPGP/GPG encryption. If you want video and/or audio on your website, Bluehost has you covered as well. As to customer support, they are completely unmatched because they will give you 24/7 US-based support that includes toll-free numbers, live chat and a very comprehensive help center database.

If you are looking for a comprehensive web hosting provider that will give you a plethora of possibilities, look no further than Bluehost. Their features are unmatched and their shared hosting has continually been reviewed as the best available.

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Bluehost, one of the top rated website hosting providers, offers a comprehensive list of features included in their entire website hosting package. Since their primary focus is you, they give you the ability to customize all of their packages to suit your individual needs. Whether you want to host a blog, an e-commerce site or a company site, Bluehost has everything you need to get started.

With all of their packages, Bluehost gives you a list of unlimited features that rivals the competition. Their unlimited features include disk storage, POP3 secure e-mail support, IMAP, e-mail account forwarding, unlimited GB of site transfers, add-on domains, sub-domains and parked domains. Many of their competitors do not even offer half of these unlimited features.

There are other web hosts out there that will only allow you to transfer a certain amount of site information. To begin transferring your site from your old web host to Bluehost, you can use one of their comprehensive FTP utilities to download all of your website’s files to your computer from your current web host. After you’ve obtained a new web host, contact the domain name registrar where you initially registered your domain name and change the name server or Domain Name Server (DNS) information to Bluehost’s DNS. Usually, you will encounter a few days of downtime while your DNS record is changed, but afterwards you can easily transfer all of your website’s information from your computer to Bluehost’s servers.


Bluehost will also allow you to have one free domain name for a year before you have to pay about $10 per year for each one going forward. They also support international domain names as well as unlimited domain hosting.


Included in all of their packages is comprehensive FTP access through various FTP programs, such as Filezilla. Bluehost’s control panel of choice is cPanel, one of the most popular control panels on the market today. Other features of this nature include efficient web file management, SSH (Secure Shell) access, Hotlink protection, site statistics, custom cronjobs and log files as well as Spam Assassin protection.

It is in your best interest to know how your website is doing on a regular basis. Bluehost’s site statistics tools are second to none. They utilize Webalizer and Awstats. Webalizer is a log file analysis program that produces extensive usage reports in a format supported by HTML that is easily customizable. Webalizer supports unlimited log file sizes and each log can be rotated as often as needed so that you don’t have to keep humongous files on your system. Awstats is a powerful tool that generates advanced statistics graphically. It is a log analyzer that works as a CGI and shows you all of the possible variances of the information your log contains. Awstats allows you to analyze log files from all major server tools like IIS, WebStar, Apache and many other web, wap, proxy or streaming servers, some FTP servers as well as mail servers.

These are just a few of the growing list of features that Bluehost offers. Trying to find a comprehensive website hosting company can be difficult so opt for one with the most features.

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