E-Commerce Solutions Built Into All Bluehost Packages

May 20, 2011

Within all of their packages, Bluehost gives you a plethora of e-commerce features to complement any retailer’s website. They have 4 distinct shopping cart formats as well as free SSL certification, password protected directories, a secure SSL server and OpenPGP/GPG Encryption.

Bluehost’s shopping carts include OS Commerce, Agora, Cube and Zen. To expand your business, shopping carts are a must have to enable you to effectively market your presence online. The main benefit of using this type of e-commerce software solution is being user friendly, since you want your customers to have the smallest amount of hassle possible. It also is customizable, to be able to let you upgrade or modify it as necessary. The features and functionality of today’s shopping cart software can’t be beat. Today, shopping cart software solutions usually feature things like design flexibility, inventory tracking, reporting, built-in SEO and hacker safe packages. Some cart software will also give you the added features of a mailing list delivery, auto-responses, ad tracking, etc.

OS Commerce has a huge fan base that consists of nearly 250,000 store owners, service providers and developers who work in conjunction with each other. To help increase sales, OS Commerce also gives you over 6,500 customizable add-ons to make you and your client’s shopping experience quick and painless. It is an open source online shopping solution with many features, enabling the visitor to check-out as easily as possible.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certification is the most commonly used message transmission security protocol on the internet. The SSL is found in a programming layer between the Transport Control Protocol and the Internet’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol layers. SSL can be found in most web server products as well as Netscape and Microsoft browsers. The sockets part in the title refers to the method of data passing between a server and client program utilizing one server. SSL utilizes RSA’s public and private key encryption system. This key encryption system also includes the use of a digital certificate.

Included in Bluehost’s offerings is a way to encrypt and secure your website’s e-mail dealings, namely OpenPGP. This is a protocol, which is non-proprietary, used for e-mail encryption by using public key cryptography. It is based on Phil Zimmermann’s original PGP development. The OpenPGP defines standard formats for exchanging public keys and for the transmission of encrypted certificates, signatures and messages. OpenPGP may be used by any company without licensing fees.

Password protection on your directories is easily accomplished with Bluehost by using their htaccess software. In its simplest terms, htaccess involves invisible plain text files that stores server directives. It should be known that if you change or create one line in the htaccess file in your root system, your whole website could be altered and not in a good way. If you need help, make sure you talk with Bluehost’s comprehensive technical support.

Bluehost has all of the tools necessary to make your e-commerce experience as lively as possible. A must have shopping cart software will entice your customers to shop more than you may realize. In addition, different protocols are employed by Bluehost to keep all of you and your client’s information safe.

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