Bluehost supports almost all of the data management and programming tools that are available on the market. A couple of their data management tools include MySQL and PostgreSQL. In addition, they support various programming tools such as CGI-BIN, PHP 5, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, DHTML, Shockwave, Flash and SimpleScripts.

Database management involves the maintenance, administration and monitoring of database groups on your website. From a technical standpoint, database management systems (DBMS) can differ widely. The typical organization of the information on a database is about the same though. Internally, a DBMS organizes information according to hierarchical, flat, network and relational terms. Requests for database information are typically made in the form of a query, or a stylized, specific question. The information can be presented in a wide range of formats depending upon which system you use. Most DBMS include a report writer program for gathering and displaying of information in a report type format. Many DBMS also include graphics in their systems that allow you to gather and display information in the form of charts or graphics.

MySQL is the internet’s most popular open source database tool. It is commonly used with PHP scripts to create dynamic and powerful server side applications. There are many differing viewpoints when it comes to using MySQL with Bluehost. Many of its users indicate that MySQL is cheaper, since it is open sourced, more reliable and faster than any other database system on the market. Opponents though, go so far as to assert that MySQL isn’t a real database system at all. MySQL is designed with client/server architecture in mind. For example, you can save changes or query data as necessary. In addition, its database language is SQL, or Structured Query Language.

Various programming tools, including PHP 5, Ruby on Rails (RoR), DHTML and CGI-BIN are also supported through Bluehost. Ruby on Rails is a very popular object oriented programming language. It is used by some of the top websites on the internet, including Twitter. Ruby has been said to make programming fun and elegant. It combines Smalltalk’s conceptual elegance, Perl’s pragmatism and Python’s ease of learning and use. RoR is an open source and provides a comprehensive framework for the development of database backed applications. It has been said that development on RoR is much faster than using a typical Java framework. RoR’s programming language is extremely simple to use and takes full advantage of its guiding principles, convention over configuration and less software.

CGI-BIN is a very common way for web servers to dynamically interact with users. For example, HTML pages that utilize forms are supported using CGI programming in an effort to process the form’s submitted data. CGI is typically a server side solution since the processing takes place directly on the web server.

Bluehost will offer you a comprehensive listing of database and programming tools that will allow you to make the most out of your website experience. Database management tools, such as MySQL, are imperative so that you can be kept up to date with your site’s progress. In addition, they have a vast array of supported programming languages to fit your knowledge base and website requirements.

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