The Feature-Packed Offerings of Bluehost Website Hosting

Apr 24, 2011

Bluehost, one of the top rated website hosting providers, offers a comprehensive list of features included in their entire website hosting package. Since their primary focus is you, they give you the ability to customize all of their packages to suit your individual needs. Whether you want to host a blog, an e-commerce site or a company site, Bluehost has everything you need to get started.

With all of their packages, Bluehost gives you a list of unlimited features that rivals the competition. Their unlimited features include disk storage, POP3 secure e-mail support, IMAP, e-mail account forwarding, unlimited GB of site transfers, add-on domains, sub-domains and parked domains. Many of their competitors do not even offer half of these unlimited features.

There are other web hosts out there that will only allow you to transfer a certain amount of site information. To begin transferring your site from your old web host to Bluehost, you can use one of their comprehensive FTP utilities to download all of your website’s files to your computer from your current web host. After you’ve obtained a new web host, contact the domain name registrar where you initially registered your domain name and change the name server or Domain Name Server (DNS) information to Bluehost’s DNS. Usually, you will encounter a few days of downtime while your DNS record is changed, but afterwards you can easily transfer all of your website’s information from your computer to Bluehost’s servers.


Bluehost will also allow you to have one free domain name for a year before you have to pay about $10 per year for each one going forward. They also support international domain names as well as unlimited domain hosting.


Included in all of their packages is comprehensive FTP access through various FTP programs, such as Filezilla. Bluehost’s control panel of choice is cPanel, one of the most popular control panels on the market today. Other features of this nature include efficient web file management, SSH (Secure Shell) access, Hotlink protection, site statistics, custom cronjobs and log files as well as Spam Assassin protection.

It is in your best interest to know how your website is doing on a regular basis. Bluehost’s site statistics tools are second to none. They utilize Webalizer and Awstats. Webalizer is a log file analysis program that produces extensive usage reports in a format supported by HTML that is easily customizable. Webalizer supports unlimited log file sizes and each log can be rotated as often as needed so that you don’t have to keep humongous files on your system. Awstats is a powerful tool that generates advanced statistics graphically. It is a log analyzer that works as a CGI and shows you all of the possible variances of the information your log contains. Awstats allows you to analyze log files from all major server tools like IIS, WebStar, Apache and many other web, wap, proxy or streaming servers, some FTP servers as well as mail servers.

These are just a few of the growing list of features that Bluehost offers. Trying to find a comprehensive website hosting company can be difficult so opt for one with the most features.

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